1. Knight of Puzzelot (iOS)

  2. Threes (iOS, Android)

  3. New blog! GameSquares!

    Tiny sneak peeks at games - mostly indie games in development, also games that are weird, new, fresh, cancelled, beautiful, disturbing, intriguing, or anything else I thought would look good in a square. Take a look at the squares, click on whatever picks your fancy, and learn more about it through a link. Curated by me, Dom2D, with help on the web development from Zander Milroy.

  4. Hearthstone (Free, Desktop)

  5. Wizard Quest (iOS)

    Weird Science Fictiony UI, but it seems justified at some point. Creates an interesting, different mood for a fantasy match-3 kinda game.


  7. friendlyneighbourhoodmoose asked: A question I do have for you is: have you bought all the games you post here? If yes, or no, how much money have you spent on iOS games? How many were bought for the purpose of this tumblr? And lastly, do you have a sister blog for terrible UIs?

    Glad you like it and that PlayPeep is useful to you! 

    I spent way too much money on iOS games at first, but these days I watch for price drops using AppShopper, and buy way less games anyway - I’ve gotten back to console and 3DS games instead, I feel like there’s deeper fun to be had over there. I’ve bought only a couple for the blog, most of them were for my own enjoyment. Actually Playpeep itself was a reference tool for myself at first, but thought I’d share it with other people while I’m at it. I’m also a game designer and artist, if you’re interested you can see my art and games at http://dom2d.tumblr.com :)

    And… yes, I have another blog for terrible UIs, but I don’t post on there often enough! http://thegamesnob.tumblr.com/

    I also did a tumblr for game logos, might be of interest to you - http://gamelogos.tumblr.com/ Check out the Archive if you want a quick glance at it. 

    Have a good day!